We specialize in projects for custom glass, mirror, shower enclosures, storefront glass, windows & much more.

We specialize in projects for custom glass, mirror, shower enclosures, storefront glass, windows & much more.





Storefront Installation Brooklyn

Storefront BrooklynAll City Glass & Mirror have over 30 years of experience providing custom storefront installations to businesses and other commercial clients throughout Brooklyn and the New York metro area.

What has always made us unique versus the competition is that we approach every project as if it’s our very first. You can always count on professional, skilled, high quality workmanship from our expert glass specialists.

Businesses based in Brooklyn realize that first impressions are a big deal. Your storefront is important because it’s a major tool in its ability to draw potential customers into your store.  It also gives people an idea of your business’s image or just how professional you are.  Because our main specialty is storefront installation, we can make any design you may desire a reality!

We employ an experienced, enthusiastic team of glazers, glass professionals and designers that can get any job done. So whether you’ve got an idea of your own or you’d like us to work up a beautiful storefront, we’ve got you covered from all angles.

Storefront Glass Repair in Brooklyn

Unfortunately, damage to commercial storefronts are not only a common occurrence but also a legitimate reality. We’ve seen all different kinds of factors come into play. In a condense city like New York, there’s vandalism, car accidents and even storm damage. If your glass is shattered or badly damaged, you may be closed down until it’s fixed. As a business owner, you already know how scary a situation like that may be.

Fortunately, All City Glass & Mirror are complete commercial glass repair and installation experts. All we need to do is visit your store, make the necessary repairs and you’ll be back in business quickly. Don’t worry about the materials we use, since 1979 we’ve also been widely known as one of the best glass fabricators within Brooklyn, NYC and Long Island.  So in short…..we only use the best glass materials!

New Construction Storefront Installations

A big benefit to hiring All City Glass & Mirror for glass and(or) window installations pertaining to a new construction job is our experience and relationships with thousands of contractors throughout Brooklyn and the tri-state area. On a daily basis, we consistently work with and serve the needs of contractors in need of custom glass, custom mirrors, and shower enclosures and of course; storefront installation plans.

If we haven’t worked with the construction company before, you’ll be delighted to know that we are very well versed in understanding a contractor’s needs. From glass sizes and colors to installation plans, we can assure you that the entire project will be well supervised on both ends.

Storefront Window Glass Types

At our warehouse, we have just about every type of commercial glass available to suit your needs. For new installations, we’ll show you examples and benefits associated with each type. Our goal is to help find the perfect fit to suit your needs. For repairs, our experts will find out what type of glass your storefront has and place an order immediately to get your store back up and running. All of our work is set to building code.

We offer:

Tempered/Toughened Glass

One of the main benefits of using tempered glass is for safety reasons. If broken, the glass will break up into tiny, minuscule pieces instead of sharp jagged shards. The smaller pieces of glass are much less likely to cause injury therefore reducing liability on the business. We use it in everything from shower doors to architectural glass doors.

It’s important to note that federal law requires glass located within 18 in (46 cm) of a floor or doorway to be tempered.

Safety Glass

This type of glass is made with additional chemicals along with thermal treatment which make it much less likely to break.

Bulletproof Glass

Just as the name says, it’s strong enough to be bullet proof. Instead of shattering or breaking apart, the glass is made to flex instead of break. Our specialists have used this type for jewelry stores, antique shops and other stores that sell items of significant worth.

Laminated Glass: We tend to use a lot of laminated glass within commercial storefronts for safety reasons. In the event that your storefront’s glass/window becomes damaged, it will be held together instead of falling to the ground into hundreds or thousands of pieces. It also blocks 99% of incoming UV radiation and has a much higher sound insulation rating in comparison to other types of glass.

Storefront Glass Types

Clear Glass

This is by far the most common type of glass we install for commercial storefronts in Brooklyn and NYC. It’s utilized because the inside of the store can be lit up from the sun and passing potential customers will have a clear opportunity to view what the store is selling within their windows.

Stained Glass

Stained glass windows are often found within churches, but they’ve also been used in plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment establishments. They’re made up of colored glass attached together to form illustrations. When light shines in, they give a unique color, tone and accent to the establishment’s décor.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass finishes are used for businesses that would like exterior light to shine in, but would like to maintain a level of privacy.  They’re perfect for medical offices, and spas where people can’t look in but light can enter.

Commercial Glass Door Options in Brooklyn

All City Glass & Mirror can help you choose from a wide selection of commercial glass doors to fit your needs perfectly for installation.  We have plenty of experience installing all glass Herculite doors, wide, medium, narrow, framed and frame-less doors. Aside from this, we can provide you with a laundry list of options for closures, hardware, pivots and panics.

Commercial Storefront service and additional components

  • Heavy Plate Glass
  • Spandrel Glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Low-E Insulating Glass
  • Blast Resistant Systems
  • Painted or Anodized Metal
  • Single or Double Pane
  • Center Load, Offset, Butt Glazing and Curtain Wall Applications
  • Security Film
  • Window Tinting
  • Solar Screens
  • A large Selection of Glass Colors and Capabilities

In terms of additional service and storefront components, we cover 100% of what you’ll need for new installations, custom installations or repairs. Check out the full list below:

  • We Replace All Sizes, Colors, and Performance Levels of Glass
  • All Glass/Window Repair Tools, Supplies Carried On Our Trucks Daily
  • Our Automatic Door Installations Meet the American Disability Act
  • Emergency Board-Up – Repairs
  • Custom Glass & Metal Fabrication in Our Brooklyn Based Shop
  • Complete Glazing Service
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Professional Estimates, Engineering and Design
  • Window Tinting
Maintenance Service

Taking good care of your entrance doors can reduce liabilities. Maintaining them can reduce future overhead costs and liabilities. Don’t hesitate to ask All City Glass & Mirror about our storefront maintenance programs.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (718) 717-8047 or send a message. We’d love to hear from you!

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